Prosper Ortega and her son Ari need our support navigating justice – give here.

Prosper and Ari together
Prosper and Ari belong together. Do you agree? Join us on Instagram and Facebook as we follow their journey.

The Parent-Child Bond

This is How Justice

Brings Peace.

I want to raise awareness to help bring mother and child together.

I agree that justice for Prosper means peace for her child & for many others.

“We have the opportunity to stand up for what is right for this child and his family. Join us – watch and share this video now.”

Deborah Beacham, Navigating Justice

Prosper’s needs include being able to cover the cost of court transcripts and experts, payments to a supervisor who is required by the court for Prosper to spend time with her child, therapeutic treatment to cope with the trauma of separation from her child and to heal from the abusive tactics used in this litigation, from domestic violence, and more. After we began fundraising to help cover these expenses, Prosper’s opponents asked the court to order her to use proceeds from public fundraisers to pay their legal fees, which are heftily padded and unexplainable. While the Go Fund Me page initially created to build support for Prosper’s story is still active as it serves to educate the public, we are not asking the public to donate until after the litigation ends.

Your prayers and attention are needed on May 11th as we watch to see how the Court treats the opponent’s request to prevent Prosper from having the financial support she needs to stay the course for her son. If the court decides that public fundraising can be used to help Prosper, we’ll update you here and in our newsletter.

Navigating the justice system is an overwhelming and expensive undertaking, especially for parents who are afraid for their children, so we are showing up for this mother and child and we appreciate your support in this critical mission.

Your support of Navigating Justice will help more people show up and ask the court to restore justice, bringing Prosper and child together again. Our mission is to see them together and able to fully recover from this ordeal – – and then to light the way for other parents and children. Let’s raise awareness and the support needed to bring families and children back together!

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