Help Prosper Ortega and her son Ari recover together – give here.

Prosper and Ari together
Prosper and Ari belong together. Do you agree? Join us on Instagram and Facebook as we follow their journey.

The Parent-Child Bond

This is How Justice

Brings Peace.

I want to help bring mother and child together.

I agree that justice for Prosper means peace for her child & for many others.

“We have the opportunity to stand up for what is right for this child and his family. Join us – watch and share this video now.”

Deborah Beacham, Navigating Justice

Contributions are needed to address several needs, including court transcripts and experts, the cost of a supervisor who is required by the court for Prosper to spend time with her child, therapeutic treatment, and more. Your support will help restore justice, bringing Prosper and child together again while showing a more clear path for uplifting many more parents and children. Let’s raise awareness and the support needed to bring families back together!

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