Navigating Justice - Restore Prosper and Ari

How Can I Help?

Your attention and willingness to show up for Prosper when it is time to appear in court are key. Most people have to go it alone when fighting for their children, so we are asking for you to stay the course with us at Navigating Justice.

We believe that Prosper’s story and this journey through the court system is one that everyone needs to hear, especially everyone who cares about children and their right to be raised by loving and available parents – by mothers like Prosper. Right now we need your focus, your prayers and your moral support.

Previously, we announced fundraising efforts to help Prosper cover expenses such has the requirement that she pay for supervised visitation and for “therapy” that she was ordered to do with the people who took her child and assaulted her, but the public now cannot contribute financially through the Go Fund Me and similar fundraising campaigns without supporting the people who are hurting Prosper and keeping her and her little boy apart. Her opponents submitted a proposed order to the Court asking that all public fundraising efforts go to pay their legal fees, which means they have yet another way to starve Prosper out of this process – making it virtually impossible for this survivor of domestic violence to advocate for her right to raise her own child.

We know you’ll agree that showing up for her and raising awareness of this horrific situation is important. Even though you cannot contribute directly to help Prosper financially, you can support awareness and be a part of the tribe – a strong village – around her family to help shore them up for the remainder of this battle.

Navigating Justice is more than a theme – it means improving the likelihood that families and children survive the dark waters of child custody litigation. We do this in several ways, including by showing up and by making sure that parents and extended family members know they are not alone, that they are believed and supported. Your tax-deductible gift will go a long way towards ensuring that Navigating Justice is effective in its mission for children and parents like Prosper.

Click here to donate or scan this QR code using your smart phone.

The form below connects with a Go Fund Me page, but we are not currently seeking contributions. This page is available strictly for education purposes. You can see that fundraising started – and that it was designed to help cover the expenses forced on Prosper as a tool to wear her down and make it harder for her to survive the legal process. Part of abusive litigation is financially starving out good parents to make them give up, so the court is being asked to keep Prosper from using money that we would otherwise be raising using this donation app for her to spend on her case. You can opt in and donate here if you wish, but your donation will be used to pay the attorneys who are driving up the costs – not just the financial costs, but the physical and emotional costs of litigation trauma.

For non-monetary contributions such as professional services, please use this contact form. Thank you!